Are you ready to leave old baggage, worn out thoughts and repetitive behaviors behind in the old year and welcome in the authentic new you?

As a Life Advisor and Licensed Professional Counselor, my passion is helping others on their own personal paths to happiness and success in the areas of personal goals, relationships, career transitions, spiritual direction and recovery.

Life is a journey about personal growth. How, and when we make progress or take steps to achieve either lifelong goals or overcome pattern behaviors, is a part of our individual path to reclaiming our authentic selves.

Whether you need some tools or guidance to get started, or if you simply need someone to lean on as you make major life transitions, I am here to help.

My background in health and wellness, mental health, alternative therapies, healing, spiritual guidance and creative expression can make your journey uniquely personal as you navigate the changes that your soul has guided you to do. Whether your journey involves talk therapy, spiritual guidance, nature rituals, therapeutic drumming, yogic laughter or even creative expression, we can do it together, and at your own pace.

Remember that the road to happiness is always individual, spirit driven and uniquely your own. What does your path look like? Are you ready to explore your very own personal best?