Giving Back

Rice, Beans & Termites

Can you imagine painting around a termite’s nest in the rain in the Costa Rican rainforest? As part of a community program, giving back to the residents of a small Costa Rican village, I had the adventure of a lifetime. Not being a house painter by trade, and actually never having painted the exterior of a house before, I joined about 10 others to paint a small Costa Rican house in exchange for a homemade cooked meal.

When I arrived, I thought what had I gotten myself into? I’m not a house painter and it was raining. Painting a house in the rain sounded crazy.

The poor home owners were delighted as our small mini bus pulled up to their house. We all gathered around as the owner gave instructions in Spanish as to how we would paint the house. We covered ourselves with cheap plastic rain ponchos and makeshift plastic tarps were put up to protect us and the house from the rain. The paint was a watery thin blue color. Together we were divided into groups and started painting down both sides of the house. We worked our way from the front to the back. When I got closer to the back of the house, I noticed something large and brown hanging on the top of the house near the roof, so I asked the owner about this and was told that it was a termite’s nest and that I was to leave it be, so I continued to paint around the termites nest, not knowing why it was not being removed or given any other additional information. I simply did what I was instructed to do.

After completion of the house, we were invited in for a tasty homemade Costa Rican meal. We were delighted with their friendly hospitality and they were happy with their newly painted baby blue house. All in all it was a success. Yet, to this day, I still wonder about the termite nest and laugh to myself.

Rice, Beans & Termites is a personal growth, self-help book that takes the reader on a journey of self empowerment through the writer’s adventures in solo and in group travel to some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth.

Overcoming personal fears, obstacles and challenges, the writer invites the reader to reflect and observe areas in their own lives that require change and transition. A self-help book for those who are seeking to empower themselves and create positive life changes. Each chapter takes the reader on an emotional, physical and spiritual adventure that leads to personal growth and success. Questions at the end of each chapter guide the reader on their own journey of self-discovery.